Tattoo Soothe Cream 8g

Tattoo Anesthetics
Tattoo Soothe Cream 8g

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Product Description

Tattoo Soothe Cream 8g Description

Tattoo Soothe Anesthesia Cream is used to PREPARE/NUMB the skin for pain or discomfort before a procedure. It contains 5% Lidocaine, 20% Benzocaine, and 4% Tetracaine.  This topical cream can help take off the edge to relax your client. 
ALSO... see Tattoo Soothe Topical GEL which can be used during a procedure to enhance even more comfort.  It will help relieve pain, swelling and bleeding from procedures that repeatedly penetrate the skin.  These products are priceless when it comes to relieving pain.  


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