Tattoo Soothe Cream - 15g

Tattoo Anesthetics
Tattoo Soothe Cream - 15g

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Product Description

Tattoo Soothe Cream - 15g Description

TATTOO SOOTHE CREAM Topical Anesthetic - Less Pain for your Customers
How to use Tattoo Soothe Cream: Tattoo Soothe Cream is used to prepare/numb the skin for pain or discomfort. It can help ease the sting of starting a tattoo or piercing. Place a thin layer over the area that you desire to work on for 15-25 minutes.
Tattoo Soothe Gel will bring even more comfort when used correctly. After the initial few passes, if your client is requesting extra comfort, place a thin layer of Tattoo Soothe Gel over the area being worked on and wait 3-5 minutes. As you continue working, repeat the process one or two more times upon customers request.
Tattoo Soothe cream 5 % lidocaine, 20% Benzocaine, and 5%Tetracaine.


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