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Model: gel_grip_red_h308-1
Price: $2.50

These Gel Tattoo Grips are light weight and super comfortable. The gel grip allows you to tattoo for long periods of time without hand cramps. The ... more info
101 Questions & Answers On Permanent Makeup For the Technician

This BOOK includes Questions and Answers on brows, eyeliner, lip linerand full lip procedures, color, techniques and easy steps to follow. How to ... more info

Model: bandage_rolls_12
Price: $19.00

These self adherent bandage rolls are perfect for keeping your client's gauze pad in place after their tattoo is complete. Much better than tape, ... more info

Model: 14g_Horseshoe_3
Price: $4.00

14G Ball Horseshoe Available in 3 different diameters. Sold Individually
14G Black Labrets/Monroes


Model: black_labrets
Price: $5.00

14G Black Labrets/Monroes Individually Sold
14G Industrial 1-1/2"


Model: 14g_Industrial
Price: $5.00

14G Industrial 1-1/2" in length Individually Sold
16G Ball Horseshoe


Model: 16g_Horseshoe
Price: $5.00

16G Ball Horseshoe, with a 7/16" diameter Sold Individually

Model: color_eyebrow
Price: $5.00

16G Titanium Eyebrow Colored Rhinestone Available in multiple colors. Individually Sold
18G Steel Captive


Model: 18g_steel_captives
Price: $5.00

18G Steel Captive Sold Individually
2.5mm High Rise Dermal Base


Model: high_rise_dermal_base
Price: $7.00

2.5mm High Rise Dermal Base Dermal Head Sold Separately